Be The Hub Of Resources For Your Clients

Be The Hub Of Resources For Your Clients

Hey everybody this is Gavin Shnieder from Abode Base Real Estate. This is a house we are preparing to put on the market for sale. The owner is out of state and we are doing all kinds of work here, new flooring, new paint, appliances, door hardware, plumbing, light fixtures and closing off one of the walls.

“Being the concierge of information for your clients and the Hub of all the various activities”

The point of today’s video is to talk to you about being the concierge of information for your clients and the Hub of all the various activities that go on during the transaction. Here at Abode Base we have a full time contractor on staff. He is either subcontracting or doing the work himself or doing projects such as 35R, post closing work and various projects like that.

If you do not have a general contractor on your staff you can still be that Hub of information. As they are going through the inspection and may have some concerns and they can’t be fixed through the 35R you have someone to refer them to after the transaction closes. Perhaps you are going in for a listing appointment and you notice the fence is falling down or they have some baseboards that are popping off or the wall paint needs touch ups, you need to have a contractor/ handyman in place for these times. This will insure that the repairs get done because we all know that sellers will take forever to get the projects done themselves but also this will help differentiate you from all the other brokers the prospective client is interviewing. This is a huge selling point for yourself! In this

“You’re building out your allied resources”

What it’s also doing is building out your allied resources, this is something I talk about a lot. These people that you work with your Title & Escrow, Lender, Handyman and all of the associated folks in the real estate world. If you are constantly sending them business than they are constantly sending you business. Then those allied forces will be there when you need them. These relationships are super important so don’t just pawn it off to somebody else, take action and be that Hub of Information for your client.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out!

Gavin Shnieder