How to use Hootsuite to optimize your time!

How to use Hootsuite to optimize your time!

Let’s talk about my secret to managing a good amount of our social media here at Abode Base Real Estate, Hootsuite is my new best buddy!  For the past couple of month we have been managing 3 different social media platforms. During this time we qualified for the free Hootsuite platform which was great. The free program lets you manage up to 3 socials at one time and up to 10 pre-scheduled posts a month. Since then we have grown to 9 socials and I’m using Hootsuite to manage 5 of them so we have had to upgrade.

Hootsuite is my new best buddy!”

When you log onto Hootsuite you will see on the home page at the top 5 different tabs. These tabs tell you the different socials you can manage through the platform, different plans, enterprise, resources and education they offer.

Up near the top on your dashboard page you will see a bunch of tabs, these are all the socials I’m currently managing through Hootsuite. You can easily toggle back and forth through each social. Things I love about this platform are you can easily see your posts and you can see how they are responding to your posts. You can also make comment or respond to comments right from the dashboard. This is freeing up time you would be logging into each of these socials individually.

They have two ways you can create a post the first one I want to show you is in the topish left side of your screen. Hover over the search bar area and a box will pop open. You can write your post in the box then use the paper clip to add media, the calendar icon to schedule your post, the location marker to add a location and so much more. When you click on the calendar icon another box will drop down where you can pick your specific date and time you want to launch your post, so convenient.

“This platform is a great way for anyone in the Real Estate world to effectively manage all their socials in one place.”

The second way you can create a post is to click on the tab in the upper right corner that says ‘create post’. You would once again start by selecting the socials you want to post to, write your content and if you would like you can select your media to attach. The calendar is down in the right hand corner where you can select your exact date and time to launch your post.

Once you have completed your post you can double check your work by clicking on the paper airplane icon on the left hand side of the screen. This will show you a calendar which you can scroll to the chosen date to make sure you see your post sitting there where it’s supposed to be. If by chance it’s not in the write spot you can click on it and make adjustments as needed.

Hopefully you are able to take some useful nuggets from this quick tutorial. As always if you have any questions or would like more explanation please let me know!

Check out Hootsuite here.

Gavin Shnieder